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Just a pair of random and unconnected thoughts for this beautiful Saturday...

It seems that no matter how experienced a husband you are occasionally you walk into it with eyes wide open and arms spread wide.  Earlier this week we were at the 25th anniversary party of some friends. I was talking to their new daughter-in-law, and she asked quite innocently how long the Dragon Queen and I had been married.  I didn't hesitate, I'm not ashamed.

"33 years." I told her with pride.

From my right came the cold, flat voice of She Who Must Be Worshipped.

"Dear, we celebrated out 34th anniversary on June 24."

Suddenly we were alone in a bubble of pregnant silence.

Ignoring the voice of Robbie the Robot in my head, screaming at the top of his lungs "Danger!  Danger!"  I looked into the suddenly cold and flat hazel eyes of my beloved, and asked the second stupidest question ever.

"Are you sure about that dear?"

"Do the math dear, subtract 1979 from 2013, what do you get?"

The voice in my head was now Admiral Ackbar..."It's a trap!"  I did the math. 

There was a short and very uncomfortable silence.

"Can I plead brain fart?" I asked carefully.

"We'll talk about this when we get home." was the icy reply of She Who Must Be Feared.

Suddenly I was hearing any number of Star Wars characters "I've got a bad feeling about this."

I made it through the party without any further stupidity.  After 34 years you get kinda quick with your feet. Suffice it to say that I spent a couple of hours smoothing over the troubled waters. 

Well, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.


Today, I have been reliably informed is July 27.  Fifty years ago on this date, the cease-fire was signed in Korea.  Fifty years and seven days ago, my father turned 16 and was signed into an apprenticeship program that the Army had for RCEME.  He and his fellow apprentices have maintained ever since that the Chinese signed the cease-fire because they knew they were coming. 

Joking aside.  Fifty years ago, a lot of very brave young men were told that they no longer have to put life and limb at risk for the shell blasted hills along what became the first DMZ.  Sadly, at home their courage and sacrifice was either ignored or quickly forgotten. 

So here's to the veterans of the "Forgotten War" you did your best in an insane situation, something those who followed you clearly understand.  Korea was the first of the wars to be fought hampered by the "Rules of Engagement." 

Bless you all.  Health and Long Life.








James Tower

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you're welcome...Hi! 
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Thank you for the watch, I will wind it and set it every day!
punny, very punny...I like that...Kermityay 
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